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What are the feature requirements for the "Fab40" SharePoint templates?

The following features are required for all of the SharePoint "Fab40" templates.

  • Metadata Navigation and Filtering
  • Offline Synchronization for External Lists
  • SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Features
  • SharePoint Server Publishing
  • SharePoint Server Standard Site Features
  • Team Collaboration Lists
  • Wiki Page Home Page

In a typical SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise environment most if not all of these features will already be activated. Please review the actual installation instructions for your template for any additional particulars.

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Can I use Power Shell to install the templates?

To install our templates via Power Shell run the following commands:

  1. Add-SPSolution C:\SPTemp\<filename>.wsp
  2. Install-SPSolution -Identity  "<filename>.wsp" -GACDeployment -force
  3. Restart IIS

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Do you have step-by-step installation instructions?

Yes, please check the individual information page for the template you have purchased or are interested in and you will find installation instruction in the right hand column.

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Why do my webpart headers look different from the screenshots?

It seems in some instances our UI Branding does not re-link to the templates. This can be caused by several things including having other customizations already configured within your SharePoint environment. If you would like to make the templates "look" like our screenshots please download the Branding Instructions and files below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

​Instructions Download:Branding Instructions.pdf
​Required files:
To download the above files, right click and select Save target as... or Click the file and save.

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Are there special deals for purchasing the entire package of SP2010 templates?

Yes, we have special rates for anyone that needs to purchase the entire suite of SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise "Fab40" templates. Please email and let us know your needs, we can do all, or an assortment, for one domain or more.

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