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​Marketing Department Templates

Templates for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise


Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking

The Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking (IMCT) application template for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard/Enterprise helps marketing teams track the effectiveness of multiple marketing campaigns and activities.  The main dashboard lists complete, upcoming and in market campaigns, including start / end dates and budget analysis.  The template provides libraries to share integrated marketing plans, team resources marketing team contacts and tasks that need to be completed.  It also contains an integrated marketing campaign data analysis template, built in Microsoft Office Excel 2010. This template is designed to help marketers analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for a single product.  Using the Office Excel 2010 template as a starting point, users can customize it to suit the data and expectations of the expected output of the campaign activities.

This application template also uses a Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010 document as its main input method, helping campaign managers list the campaign activities and track the performance of the campaigns they own.  Information from this Office InfoPath 2010 document is used to drive information on the main page of the application template and within the Office Excel 2010 analysis templates.


Product and Marketing Requirements Planning

The Product and Marketing Requirements Planning (PMRP) application template for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard/Enterprise helps teams manage the process of creating new product requirements and marketing content.  The site contains several useful templates for the 2010 Microsoft Office system as well as collaboration tools which can be used to help teams organize their analysis.  The planning templates provide help for organizing marketing and product requirements, creating product steering committee presentations, tracking meeting notes and completing financial information.  The site enables team members to list contacts as well as upload supporting files such as pictures of competing products or a general description of the product being analyzed.