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​Accounting Department Templates

Templates for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise


Equity Research

The Equity Research (ER) application template for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise helps groups organize the research performed on publicly traded equities.  The site allows investment groups to collaborate by uploading documents such as annual and quarterly reports and offering web-based discussion capability.  The site also facilitates tracking the price paid for an each equity and the number of shares purchased.  Links to the company web-sites can be added and a Web-Part provides publicly available industry and company news.

Action items for the team can be tracked and assigned to a team member who uses the system to categorize each task by the equity being researched.  For each equity, a summary page can be viewed, which lists any shared documents, ongoing discussions, tasks or links that are related to the equity under discussion.


Expense Reimbursement and Approval

The Expense Reimbursement and Approval (ERA) application template for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise helps companies track and organize employee expense reports.  Using Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010, employees create an expense report listing trip information and expenses.  The Office InfoPath 2010 document, which can be created either offline or online, is then saved to a folder on the Expense Reimbursement and Approval site, which automatically populates fields that are viewable from within the site.  Site owners can then choose to approve, reject or hold the expense report for original receipts.  This status appears on each user’s unique home page, which shows their userID’s submitted expense reports and the status for each one.

In addition to helping teams simplify the process of submitting and approving expense reports, the site also allows Human Resources managers to upload expense related documents, such as travel policies or approved hotel chains.  Also included are announcements and tasks, which can be used to track items pertaining to the expense approval process.


Disputed Invoice Management

The Disputed Invoice Management (DIM) application template for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise helps accounts payable departments track the status of invoices where payment is being withheld.  Through the use of a Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010 entry form, accounts payable personnel enter information regarding the disputed invoice, including reasons for the dispute and action items taken.  The site tracks this information and also informs visitors to the site of the discounts at risk for missing early payment dates.

The site also includes more detailed metrics such as Accounts Payable Age Analysis, summarized reasons for invoice disputes and a listing of invoice information for invoices received from ‘key’ vendors.  The site also includes useful Accounts Payable analysis techniques through a Microsoft Office Excel 2010 spreadsheet which can be completed by a member of the accounting team.


Request for Proposal

The Request for Proposal (RQFP) application template for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard | Enterprise helps teams manage the process of creating RFPs and collecting proposals from vendors.  Team members can use the site to upload request information, track its status and assign ownership to an apprpriate site team member.  Responses can be tracked and organized by adding responding vendor information, uploading proposals received and tracking the whether a proposal is in review, rejected or accepted.

In addition, the site serves as a central repository for common documents related to proposals, such as a Statement of Work and RFP documentation and proposals received from vendors.  Using the Group Discussion capabilities of SharePoint Online, team members can discuss proposals received using and can view these discussions through an RSS reader such as the one provided with Microsoft Office Outlook 2010.