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​Home Office Helpdesk Pricing

We offer special Helpdesk pricing and service discounts for our Home and Home Office users that have purchased systems or services from Net2xs within the last six (6) months. To see if you qualify please contact Victoria and she will help you get started with billing, support #'s and your login credentials.


Home User / Home Office (HUHO) Helpdesk Pricing: $25.00/month

We have a Helpdesk just for you the Home User, easy to use, fast response time, phone support, and an automatic discount on "On Site" services should they be required. We offer phone support, web based trouble ticket system, and remote sessions to solve your problems quickly and easily. The HUHO plan offers a 10% automatic discount on any On Site visit, up to 3 ten minute support calls, and 25 trouble tickets per month for only $25.00 per user.


What type of questions can we help you with:

We have experts ready to answer most any hardware, software, or home networking question. We support many of today’s HOTTEST phones from HTC, Motorola, Apple, and Samsung. We can help with Android, Apple, and Windows Tablets. Our Printer Specialist can help on almost any printer problem and the onsite Technicians can help with any Laptop or Desktop question you may have. Our Software Support Team is second to none and can answer most any software related question and are considered specialists in the following.

Support Subject​Subject
​Microsoft Project Support and Training​Apple iPhone
​Microsoft Excel Support and Training​Apple iPad
​Microsoft Word Support and Training​HTC/Samsung Android Phones
​Microsoft Outlook Support and Training​Motorola/Samsung Android Tablets
​Microsoft PowerPoint Support and Training​Nokia Windows Phone and/or Tablet
​Microsoft Publisher Support and Training​Microsoft Surface RT and/or Pro
​Microsoft Access Support and Training​Apple Laptops, Desktops, and Servers
​Wired and Wireless Networking for Home Networks​Windows Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Home Servers