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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data loss is one of the greatest impacts to businesses today. Net2xs works with clients to establish Backup routines to protect against data failures. Backup and Recovery solutions enable you to strengthen your data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of service levels, from the smallest home office to the largest data volumes. You’ll also reduce the amount of data to be backed up while optimizing your environment with a full range of platform, software, and subscription-based service solutions.

We can assist with setting up a tape, hard drive, or online backup for your company. We can also 'image' your company’s computers; to provide for a fast recovery of a computer to a default state should any major issues arise.


Home and Home Office Backup Solutions:

Most home solutions are both inexpensive and easy to setup; with one of the easiest being the USB attached Western Digital My Book Essential or equivalent, and the network attached Western Digital My Book Live. These type of products have a fairly large storage capacity, are easy to connect, and have built in Backup Software. For families and home office users that need a more robust solution there are many to choose from and Net2xs can help you design, install, and setup the perfect solution to meet your needs. From a Raid based Drobo Storage Unit, or a Network Attached Storage Unit (NAS), to a pay-for-storage Secure Data Backup Storage & Recovery provider like Iron Mountain.
In many cases where data protection is necessary to the home office survival we recommend a combination (hybrid) solution where all data is backed-up both on-site and off-site for total disaster recovery solution. For more information on how we can keep you from one of the biggest negative impacts on business today Contact us for a backup solution tailored to meet your needs.


SMB & ENTERPRISE Backup Solutions:

Every business should have a business continuity plan in place. Not an idea, but a well articulated and detailed course of action to ensure that their business can get through a disaster and continue on in the aftermath. This plan includes crisis management, business procedures/processes and work area management to name a few considerations.
Another important, yet often overlooked part of your business continuity plan is IT disaster recovery (DR). In broad terms, this is how you deal with and prevent IT downtime. Even if every other part of your business continuity plan is executed perfectly, you remain at a standstill if your IT systems go down and stay down. And the situation will only get worse as your revenue and reputation take a beating.
The most robust Backup and Disaster Recovery plans and the only ones recommended by Net2xs are hybrids, involving both on-site and off-site backup and data storage. As solutions very widely based on the amount of data, number of locations, and size of the organization, please Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Data Consultants so we can have a better understanding of your needs before providing an estimate.