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​Home and/or Home Office Services

Do you need a "Purpose Built PC", is the computer you have not running the way you remember it did, is your home office everything it should be, are your files safe and secure, do you have questions about your products, software, and solutions that need answers? At Net2xs we have just what you need, give us a call, or contact us today to help with your needs.


Home Office IT Evaluation:

If you have a small home office and you've been wondering if your doing all you can with what you have, your not sure if your software is up to date, can't remember if your valuable files are backed up, we are your solution to organization. Our comprehensive review will include things like; software patch and update status, analysis of your hardware sufficiency, evaluation of your backup strategy, analysis of your virus and spyware protection, and a recommendation and plan of action to clean up and repair problems discovered in the evaluation. We also spend some time helping you wade the waters of new services, hardware, and software that can increase your productivity, save your money, and are easy to deploy and maintain. We've helped many Home Office users grow out of their homes and into offices over the years as well as helped Office users transition to the work from home environment, let us help you today.


Purpose Built Custom PC:

If your interested in purchasing a new pc, and your not sure what to buy, tell us what your needs are and we'll happily point you in the right direction. If you know what you want/need and can't find it at the "Big Box" retail stores tell us your needs and we can build it from scratch. From high end gaming to high end CAD and Rendering solutions we can build what you need, make it stand out, and guarantee it to work!
Ask us about Godzilla the monster of all PC's; 4.5GHz Liquid Cooled 12 Core / 48GB RAM / QUAD GTX 580 Super-clocked / RAID5 SSD / BLUE RAY DVD-RW wrapped up in a Mountain Mod custom case. Contact us when you need that "Special PC".


Home User / Home Office Helpdesk:

We have a Helpdesk just for you the Home User, easy to use, fast response time, phone support, and an automatic discount on "On Site" services should they be required. We offer phone support, web based trouble ticket system, and remote sessions to solve your problems quickly and easily.
We have experts ready to answer most any hardware, software, or home networking question. We support many of today’s HOTTEST phones from HTC, Motorola, Apple, and Samsung. We can help with Android, Apple, and Windows Tablets. Our Printer Specialist can help on almost any printer problem and the onsite Technicians can help with any Laptop or Desktop question you may have. Our Software Support Team is second to none and can answer most any software related question.