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​Enterprise and Small Business HelpDesk Overview

Pricing is on a per incident basis and is determined using these three steps: establish monthly incident volume, determine hours of coverage, identify services to be provided.

Your price per incident declines as your monthly incident volume increases. In other words, the higher the incident volume commitment you can give to us, the lower the price per incident. If you don't know your current monthly incident volume we can help you determine your volume using our Pilot Program. Again, the three steps for determining pricing are:


Establish Monthly Incident Volume:

Together, we need to determine your minimum monthly incident volume. As we have said in our FAQs section, sometimes the help desk industry uses "per incident" and "per call" interchangeably. We have done that as well. But, we primarily charge on a "per incident" basis. If you already know how many incidents you receive on a monthly basis, we can use that figure. If you are not sure, you can use the Pilot Program to determine your monthly incident or call volume.


Determine Hours of Coverage:

The key question for you here is whether your hours of support coverage are typical business hours Monday through Friday, or do you need something like 5x24 or 7x24 support. There are premiums associated with 5x24 or 7x24 support. If you require foreign language support then consider what hours of coverage you will need and what time zone calls will originate from. For example, do you need business hours support for Chinese to support calls originating in China?


Identify Services To Be Provided:

Here are just some questions to help you identify the services you will need:

​Application Support:

​What software applications will you want support for?

​Hardware Diagnosis:

​Any hardware diagnosis required? Any on-site dispatch, warranty services or escalation services required? To who?

​Network Connectivity Support:

​Do you need desktop user connectivity support?

​User Administration:

​Do you need user ids created and/or mailboxes created?

​Customized 800# and Greeting:

​Do you want your own dedicated 800# and personalized greeting?

​Internet Call Tracking Access:

​Will your staff need access to our call tracking system to enter, edit, or view call tickets via the Internet?

​Online CHAT Support:

​Do you want your users to be able to submit a request via an online CHAT session?

​Remote Control Assistance:

​Do you want permission-based remote control of your user's PCs so that we can walk your user through the resolution, while they watch; thereby, reducing the call resolution time and improving the personal touch to your caller?

​Proprietary Application Support:

​Do you have non-standard applications you need support for? Can you provide us with training on your application(s) easily? If not, have you identified the top ten frequently asked questions and their answers? Would you like to have those front-ended by our help desk ?

​Service Level Objectives:

​What is your expectation for service levels such as average speed of answer, abandon rate (%), or response time to email requests?

​Customer Satisfaction Survey:

​Would you like to have your employees and/or customers surveyed each month to measure the customer satisfaction level?


​What kind of reports do you want to see and how frequently? Monthly Summary? Category Report? Ticket Count by Location? We have standard reports we will offer you, but think about what will make you more effective as a support group.


Please contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote.