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​Business Services Highlights

Our most popular service with our small to mid-sized business clients is NMS (Network Management Services); we maintain our clients corporate network on a day-to-day basis, providing remote assistance, software updates, software roll-outs, and monitor hardware for performance and failure. The most exciting service today is our Cloud Architect / Integration Services, we've already helped clients save 30%+ over their previous years IT budget. Ask us how.


Cloud Architect / Integration Services:

By totally outsourcing your non-core IT functions, you free up resources (time, people, money) to focus on your core business competencies.

Cloud services today provide a myriad of options for businesses of all sizes. The model continues to prove its benefits as small, medium and large organizations are incorporating Cloud-based services into their standard IT architectures. For many, the SaaS option is the draw—the ability to utilize the full features of a state-of-the-art software application without the asset outlay and resource costs associated with buying and managing it in-house. For others, the PaaS or IaaS options give them the ability to modernize their data centers through virtualized resourcing for higher scale and performance. There is also the decision to operate in a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud architecture.

Whatever the situation, the choices are numerous and growing, but the benefits are clear. In addition to reduced costs, IT organizations are able to re-align their operations to focus more on core business and new innovation, rather than maintenance and non-core applications.


Monitoring and Managed IT Services:

Business processes today are increasingly complex, with hardware and software supporting applications, applications supporting employees, and employees supporting that original hardware and software. This complexity allows for a diverse range of business models, but it also introduces the potential for inefficiencies. Monitoring solutions address those inefficiencies and enable enterprises to optimize resource use. It is not uncommon for monitoring solutions to produce ROIs of 10X. Especially in the increasingly competitive global market, optimizing existing processes can give an enterprise a much needed edge.


Comprehensive Help Desk Outsourcing:

For most small businesses, establishing and maintaining an in-house Help Desk Center is an expensive and risky undertaking. Even with large enterprises, internal Help Desks often evolve into problem tracking rather than problem solving organizations; resulting in higher costs per problem, lower user satisfaction, and reduced productivity within the organization. Net2xs’s Help Desk Services offer an affordable, scalable, and effective Help Desk solution that can significantly improve IT service levels and enhance the value of your information network.