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​Free advice and assessment for Microsoft Office 365

Our free advice and assessment is available for any company or individual that is either thinking of moving to Office 365, or has alrady migrated to Office 365. We've been working with Office 365 since its inception and provide this service to help solve the confusion customers can have about, what can be done, will it integrate into my business, and how can we take full advantage of the service?

We know many of our clients already have IT staff but just want advice and reassurances on:

  • Best practices?
  • Whats the best way to migrate our company to Office 365?
  • We have a problem and just need to walk thru it with an expert.

The majority of inquiries we recieve result in helping clients with simple issues like, paying too much on licenses, reconfiguring DNS entries, and using more of the features offered within the Office 365 environment.

If your looking for advice and...

  • Want to know which Office 365 plan is right for you?
  • Would like advice and/or guidance on how to move to Office 365.
  • Would lik to check that you are not over paying for your Office 365 licenses.
  • Thinking of moving to Office 365 in the future.
  • Simply confirm your Office 365 environment is setup correctly.
  • Looking to understand how Office 365 will impact your current business systems.
  • Need to walk thru an issue you have with Office 365.

Then Contact us for your Free Office 365 advice and assesment.