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Net2xs ​Service Highlights

At Net2xs we have a unique philosophy about IT. It should just plain work! We believe Home Users, Business Owners, and Enterprise Leaders all share the same core view.... the less they need to know about Information Technology, the better! Over the years we've discovered that our happiest clients can't remember the last time they had an issue. This isn't to say our clients have no problems, it just means the Tech Team at Net2xs was able to solve an issue before it reached the Boss's desk, leaving management free to concentrate on business rather than IT. Our goal is to keep Information Technology as "Invisible" as possible, leaving our clients free to "Do Business".

Feel free to spend some time clicking thru our services for Home, Business, and Web. Below you'll find a few highlights and some special deals. If you would like more information, request an on-site evaluation from one of our consultants, or get a quote for services, please call or Contact us any time.


​Do you need a "Purpose Built PC"? Is your computer not running the way it did when it was new? Is your home office not everything it should be? Are your files vulnerable to cyber attack? Do you have questions about your IT products, network or software? Net2xs can answer your questions and we have just the right solutions for any of your IT needs. Give us a call, or contact us today.​Is your IT system not providing the efficiencies that you expected?  Is the ROI on your technology investment disappointing? A call to our Business Services team can increase the productivity of your employees by up to 40%. We accomplish this by implementing changes in your IT culture, processes, and technology, resulting in the closer alignment of business practices and IT, a reduction in IT costs, improved ROI on Information Technology investments, and higher user satisfaction with IT services.
We are your one-stop-shop to migrate your company to Office 365 and provide you with ongoing support and management of your cloud infrastructure. Let us take care of the management of your Microsoft Online Services account, including creating new accounts, changing passwords, training users, and providing business process consulting. We also provide remote support for your staff when they have issues accessing e-mail, working with their e-mail client, or accessing with a mobile device leaving you free to focus on your business.
​Are you in the Anaheim, CA area? Is your startup or new business within its first year? Are you growning faster than you can adapt to your needs? We can help, with proven solutions, that can save you time and money, and expand as you grow.