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​Sales Department Templates

Templates for Microsoft Office 365 | SharePoint Online 2013 (E1-4)


Sales Lead Pipeline

The Sales Lead Pipeline (SLP) template for Microsoft SharePoint Online 2013 | Office 365 Enterprise Plans helps sales teams track the status of sales leads, opportunities and closed or lost deals.  The site enables sales representatives to enter in information about a lead, including source, deal size and probability to close.  If the lead proceeds to be worthwhile, the sales representative can convert it to an opportunity, which enables them to enter additional information about the potential customer such as next steps, competitors, key product enhancements desires and close date. If the Opportunity closes positively it becomes an Account with the ability to create more Opportunities back into the system.



Inventory Tracking System

The Inventory Tracking System (ITS) application template for Microsoft SharePoint Online 2013 | Office 365 Enterprise Plans helps organizations track inventory levels by capturing input of sales and new inventory purchases from suppliers.  The template enables users to track the cost and sales value of each inventory item separately as well as categorizes each inventory item into user specified groupings.  Through a main dashboard, users are provided easy to use forms such as "add Supplier", "add Customer", and "add Category". Through the Inventory list users are able to log sales by simply using the sale workflow. Our new automation allows simpler input from the user while providing a comprehensive walkthru of the inventory status during the workflow process and begins the reorder process if the thresholds have been met. The dashboard also lists low inventory and which items need to be reordered through a supplier as well as the day’s sales.



Call Center (CC)

The Call Center (CC) solution template for Microsoft SharePoint Online 2013 | Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise plans helps teams manage service requests originating outside the company from inception through to cause identification, initial solution, escalation and resolution.  This template helps track the progress of servicing request, with task oriented pages to display relevant information for each service request and an integrated knowledge base system. Dashboards help management track customer satisfaction with metrics such as average resolution time, overall service request status, and overall service request priority.

Service Representatives initiate a service request by visiting the Call Center site to use the “+new Service Request” form, selecting the customer from the pull down list.  Built in Knowledge Base and Support FAQ pages can simplify the process of researching solutions to service requests.  A service representative can be assigned to the request, ensuring that it shows up on that user’s dashboard of active and open requests which must be attended to. In addition a Salesperson can be assigned to a Service Request to help answer questions or follow along and their own dashboard of active and open requests.

In response to customer feedback we've added the ability to track and manage Lead Generation Calls (outgoing/Incoming calls) from within the Call Center solution. Service Representatives, Sales Representatives, and Call Center Managers can add and assign new contacts to the Call Sheet, track individual calls and notes via the Call Log, and assign follow-up dates to active contacts within the Call Sheet. Service Representatives can transfer successful call information to a Salesperson by assigning a Salesperson and tranfer date to a contact within the Call Sheet efectivly tranfering the information to a Salesperson dashboard for review and entery in their Sales Lead Pipeline. Dashboards help management track metrics such as overall calls by month and service representative, and overall call sheet status.



Competitive Analysis Site

Coming Soon

The Competitive Analysis Site (CAS) template for Microsoft SharePoint Online 2013 | Office 365 Enterprise Plans helps teams organize and structure the work done to analyze competitors, their products and their services.  The site contains several useful techniques, including an industry calendar, links to product news and competitor’s websites and documents with templates of common competitive analysis techniques.  The site’s calendar functionality also allows users to automatically create event specific ‘sub-sites’ to manage meeting objectives, track attendees, capture notes and assign action items.  As with most Windows SharePoint Online based sites, the Competitive Analysis Site integrates with the 2013 Microsoft Office system with features such as automated alerts, RSS feeds and synchronization of Calendar items.  This site also includes a web-part to capture XML-based product and industry news feeds from external sites.