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What are the feature requirements for the "Fab40" Office 365 Enterprise (E1-4) | SharePoint Online Enterprise templates?

The following site collection features are required for all of the SharePoint "Fab40" templates.

  • Disposition Approval Workflow
  • Document Sets
  • Library and Folder Based Retention
  • Reporting
  • SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features
  • SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features
  • Site Policy
  • Three-state workflow
  • Video and Rich Media
  • Workflows

In a typical SharePoint Online 2013 | Office 365 Enterprise (E1-4) environment most if not all of these features will already be activated. Please review the actual installation instructions for your template for any additional particulars.

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Do you have step-by-step installation instructions?

Yes, please check the individual information page for the template you have purchased or are interested in and you will find installation instruction in the right hand column.

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Are there special deals for purchasing the entire package of Office 365 site templates?

Yes, we have special rates for anyone that needs to purchase the entire suite of SharePoint Online 2013 | Office 365 Enterprise (E1-4) "Fab40" templates. Please email and let us know your needs, we can do all, or an assortment, for one domain or more.

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Will this template work if it is installed on a local instance of SharePoint 2013?

Our "Fab40" Office 365 Enterprise (E1-4) | SharePoint Online Enterprise templates were designed specifically for use in the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise environment. We have not tested them for use in an on-premis or local instance of Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

We do expect to have templates specifically for a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 environment by the second half of 2014. Please keep an eye on our blog for more information as it develops.

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How customizable is the template?

Unlike purchasing Apps from the App store for Office 365, our template solutions are just that. All of our templates are extremely flexible, in that we provide them unrestricted for our clients to modify too their own needs or use right out of the box. Workflows, columns, pages… all editable in every way. Workflows can be added, edited, or even deleted this also applies to columns, libraries, and even lists.

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​Are there ​on-going maintenance costs?

No, once a template has been purchased there are no on-going or hidden maintenance costs. From time-to-time we update templates with minor feature changes, workflow modifications, and other improvements suggested by our clients. These minor upgrades are provided to exiting purchasers at no charge via email and are not required. Privious clients can choose to move to the newer version or stay with what they have (as we realize that some clients highly modify our templates to meet their own needs).

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Are future upgrades purchased at full price?

We offer all existing clients future upgrades (Major version change) to the templates they have purchased as they become available at a 50% discount. Minor upgrades are released for enhancements from time-to-time between major revisions and are provided at no charge via email (see above).

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Do you have special prices for re-sellers or partner accounts?

We do have special pricing for partners but not re-sellers. We may be looking into re-seller agreements late in 2016 but not at this time. For partner pricing information and details please contact

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