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​​​IT Asset Tracking (ITAT)

Template for Microsoft Office 365 | SharePoint Online 2013 (E1-5)




The IT Asset Tracking (ITAT) application template for Microsoft SharePoint Online 2013 | Office 365 Enterprise Plans helps teams manage IT related item proposals, track the status of assets, track the deployment of consumables, track the assignment of assets, manage the purchasing process of assets and consumables, and track the expense of assets and consumables.  Using Action buttons, an asset manager can approve or deny requests for new assets made by others within the organization.  Once purchased, properties for the asset can be uploaded including purchase price and date, location, manufacturer, model, user assigned to, salvage value, and retirement date. In the period after acquisition, asset managers can return to the site and update the location, status, and assignment providing a centralized location for a company to track IT asset information. 

The IT Asset Tracking (ITAT) application template was designed to be specific to IT Assets (Computers, Peripherals, software, etc...) and was developed as a smaller, lighter, and more visual version of the Physical Asset Tracking & Management (PATM) application template.


Sample Activities Performed in this Template:

The following examples show the various ways Net2xs anticipates this template will be utilized in a typical organization.  If you wish to add additional features, please ask your IT provider to research Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 or contact and ask for a quote for customization of the IT Asset Tracking (ITAT) application


  • Proposals:  Enable organizational users to propose the requisition of new assets and/or consumables in a centralized location.  New proposals include recommended product, description, purchase price, quantity, information URL, and comments on why the item is needed.  Once entered the requester can see the Proposal on the home page (My IT Assets) in the My Open Proposals web part and can follow the proposal thru the approval process to the My Approved Proposals web part.
  • Asset Managers can approve or reject proposals:  With a simple button click the Asset Manager can approve/reject a proposal (with comments) and notify the Requester of the outcome by automated email notification. Approval moved the proposal to the Approved Proposals to Order web part on the Asset Manager's dashboard.
  • Ordering items from the approved proposals:  From the Approved Proposals to Order web part on the Asset Manager's dashboard the Asset Manager can click Order Asset button or the Order Consumable button to add an Asset or Consumable to their respective list and add actual order cost and quantity information along with manufacturer, model, and order placed date.
  • Tracking Assets and/or Consumables on Order:  When a proposal has become either an Asset or Consumable thru the Order process it will become visible to the Asset Manager on the Order Tracking dashboard. Consumables or Order web part or the Assets on Order web part the Asset Manager can click the Add Shipping Info button to add shipper and tracking number information to either the Asset or Consumable, moving it forward to the Consumables in Transit web part or Assets in Transit web part where the Tracking Number becomes clickable to show where in transit the item is (this site is able to generate the following tracking URL's: USPS, UPS, UPS Mail Innovations, FedEx, OnTrack, DHL US, DHL Express, and DHL Global)
  • Deploying Consumables to Assets:  Team Members can deploy consumables to an Asset with a simple button click while providing the system with the Asset Tag of the asset the consumable will be deployed to. The Asset Manager can now track what Software, Hardware, or Printing supplies have been "consumed" by a particular asset. This process also allows the addition of "Activation Keys" for software consumables.
  • Assigning Assets to Users:  There two methods of signing for assets (either can be used or both can be used depending on your requirements).
    • Direct Assignment:  The Asset Manager can assign an asset to a user by simply adding the username to the Assigned To field of the Asset.
    • Automated Assignment:  When an Asset is picked up or delivered/installed for a User's use the user and technician responsible for the delivery or pickup click the Sign IN/OUT portion of the Asset and complete the form (verifies the identity of the User and Technician based on PIN's assigned by the Asset Manager) in a "lite" form of Electronic Signature.
  • Tracing Asset Assignments:  The Asset Manager can view "All" assets assigned to an individual user by going to the Asset Assignment dashboard and entering the User's name in the Assigned To filter to pull a full list of all Assets that are currently assigned to the user. This page can be printed and physically signed off on by both the Asset Manager and User as an Asset Responsibility form.
  • Asset and Consumable Statistics Dashboards: View asset and consumable expenses by the current year (Budget gauges on the Asset Manager's dashboard) and year over year (on the Statistics dashboards) to compare budgets. View asset and consumable expenses by type to see how and where your IT dollars are being used.


Site Lists and Libraries:

The following lists and libraries are included in this template.

  • Assets:   A list of assets and their respective properties, including purchase price,date acquired, status, assignment, supplier, asset tag, warranty expiration and overall costs.
  • Consumables:   A list of consumables and their respective properties, including purchase price,date acquired, status, supplier, quantity, units in stock, and reorder quantity.
  • Manuals:   A document library to hold  and cataloge all hardware and software manuals.
  • Proposals:   Create proposals to manage and track your team’s requests for new physical assets and consumables.


Customized Forms, Workflows and Web Parts:

Redesigned based on valuable feedback from our clients, this new IT Asset Tracking solution contains 15 workflows (automated and manually activated), JS Link scripts, and JavaScript enabled forms to help speed data entry and enhance the solutions ability to track valuable Asset and Consumable data. These workflows include:

  • Approve/reject proposal
  • Order Asset
  • Order Consumable
  • Shipment tracking
  • Reserve Asset
  • Return Asset
  • Deploy Consumable to Asset
  • and more...


The “IT Asset Tracking (ITAT)” Solutions Template Net2xs_ITAT.WSP was designed specifically for compatibility with Microsoft SharePoint Online | Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Plans. Some customization and workflows may be necessary for approvals and compatibility with your companies’ permissions/user groups. Most workflows and “Views” have already been configured generically.


About Microsoft SharePoint Online for Enterprise:

Microsoft SharePoint Online for Enterprises Service Description – Microsoft SharePoint Online is a Microsoft Office 365 service for businesses of all sizes. Instead of installing and deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server on-premises, any business can now simply subscribe to SharePoint Online to provide their employees with an enterprise grade solution for creating sites to share documents and information with colleagues and customers.


More Information:

Microsoft SharePoint Online for Enterprises Service Description

Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises Support Service Description


How to purchase:

Our Templates can be purchased via PayPal by clicking the “Buy Now” button. Once the payment has been confirmed, we will email you the wsp file for the template(s) you’ve purchased. Please, contact if you have additional questions prior to purchasing or after (e.g. if you need help installing or setting up your first Template site). Customizations and additional workflows are available at an additional cost.


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