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About us

Who is Net2xs? We’re the nameless, faceless, often ignored technicians, professionals, and engineers that develop, build, structure, maintain, and expand your Information Technology Solutions. Behind the scenes we’ve been providing professional solutions to Home & Business Clients for more than 15 years. We’ve been educating clients, improving infrastructure, integrating technology, and working hand-in-hand to create a better ROI in Information Technology projects.

Client Relationships: Our Team is made up of client-centric Information Technology Professionals working side by side with clients to solve their everyday challenges, build more efficient staff, and help drive the clients’ success.

Vendor Relationships: It is important for Net2xs to maintain strong partnerships with other leaders in the industry. Currently Net2xs is a partner with Microsoft, Symantec, AVG, Drobo, Cisco, and more. Our Team Members are highly certified and can deliver advanced technologies and business solutions to our clients.


​​Customer testimonials

​Toy Works Centre, Inc.

Harris Metal Services, Inc.

the jLine group, inc.

​Milan Seda, President​​Jeffery B. Harris, President​​JL, President
We brought on Net2xs as a consultant in the very early stages of our Toy Development and Inventing startup and I must say they really came thru in guiding the development of our services to match our companies strengths and business direction. David came aboard as our CTO and implemented many changes in our approach to communications and data storage saving us thousands during our first year of operation. Net2xs was responsible for the creation and implementation of our Toy Industry Inventor to Manufacturer web portal, single handedly bringing in database developers, GUI designers, and the most responsive team of professionals I’ve ever worked with to create our “Vision” for the future.
I highly recommend David and Net2xs for all your tech needs!
The service with Net2xs has been outstanding! Always on time, always there when you need them, and they never get in the way of our daily business.
They came in under very difficult conditions and not only saved our contracts by bringing our company back online after a past employee decimated our network, they have since secured our network, upgraded our way of conducting business, and saved us thousands in software costs by moving us to a volume licensing model.
We're looking forward to many years of service from Net2xs!
​I just wanted to tell you that after only 5+ hours, I already LOVE this machine. It's lightning fast, super-efficient, everything is working beautifully…. Outlook/Exchange is running very smoothly – all of the folders are now up to date. The screen resolution is a MILLION times better…and it's really just fantastic!!
Just thought I'd send you some all-good news for a change. Thanks for the kick-ass set-up. It really is awesome.

Entertainment Specialties

​Home Office User

​​Bob Jones, Owner David James
​Just a quick shout out to all my friends at Net2xs! Thanks for holding our hand during our iPhone/iPad app development, with out your consultation I'm sure we couldn't have finished the project. Now every employee has an iPhone or iPad with access to everything happening right now inside and outside the office! I just love it!Thank you Net2xs, I've never had it so good! My home network has never been so fast. The boys thank you for making their games work online again. I'm still getting used to the new Mac's but I love that no matter what I leave the house with in the morning, iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro they all have what I need right a my finger tips. Thanks again for all your support.



Our philosophy

The Team at Net2xs realized many years ago that our core support services must be based on our clients’ expectations of higher productivity, greater connectivity, and lower cost of ownership. As a result we follow the same criteria for evaluation of any project from the simple “Home Networking Project” to the “Major Enterprise Development”; security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture, speed of performance, and ease of “Team Work” adoption are just some of the exemplar that must be evaluated at the onset of any IT project. While we support many services our “Core” investment has always been in the Home User and Small to Mid-Size Businesses where we can have the largest impact in productivity transformations and cost of ownership reductions.

Any IT Project has an associated cost of ownership; our goal at Net2xs is to increase the productivity of clients’ users anywhere from 20% to 40%, we accomplish this by making changes to the clients IT culture, processes, and technology. Additional benefits to our approach may include: the closer alignment of business and IT, a reduction in IT costs, the redirection of IT expenditures from non-strategic projects to strategic ones, improved ROI on Information Technology investments, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and higher user satisfaction with IT services.

Our approach to managing clients’ expectations, teamwork needs, and technology investments is all about getting to know where they’re going, how they want to get there, and what their goals are for the future. The Team at Net2xs has been managing the Information Technology needs of many of our home and corporate clients continuously for over 10 years and in some cases our Team Member is listed as their Chief Technology Officer. At Net2xs we believe in long term relationships; when you’re ready to improve productivity, reduce IT costs, and increase efficiency and effectiveness give us a call.